Faux Flowers and Plants have come a long way since their early beginnings.  In terms of choice and quality there has never been a better time to choose faux.   The secret to a good faux is choosing blooms and foliage that resemble the real thing as closely as possible.  It’s the little things, the attention to detail that makes a huge difference. 


Choosing blooms that are in keeping with the seasons also plays a huge part in ‘faking’ it.  Such is the quality of our carefully selected blooms and foliage that they’ll have you leaning in for a closer look and sniff.   


Realistic faux plants and blooms offer choice, longevity and good value for money.  They make an ideal gift for allergy sufferers, are completely versatile in terms of positioning and are a great way to lighten and brighten a dark space where the ‘real thing’ would not survive.


Don’t be afraid to mix fresh and faux stems.  This is a great way to bulk up a fresh arrangement so that you may enjoy its beauty and fragrance for as long as possible.  It will also add to the ‘is it’ or ‘isn’t it’ debate and keep your friends and family guessing.

Our selection for Spring 2021 will be available soon

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